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Bohman Orthodontics is proud to use the latest technology in orthodontic advancements. While most people think of orthodontic treatment as simply straightening their smile for a better appearance, there are many more benefits that go far beyond a beautiful smile! Having a correctly aligned smile can make a big impact on your overall health and confidence.


Dr. Bohman is proud to offer most of our adult and teen patients Invisalign clear aligners – which are virtually invisible! Using a series of customized clear aligners, Invisalign replaces the wires and brackets of traditional braces. What are the benefits? While Invisalign clear aligners should be worn at least 22 hours a day, patients have the luxury of removing them as needed for easier brushing and flossing. But the benefits don’t stop there! You can continue to eat popcorn, chew gum, and more! You can also smile with confidence knowing that your teeth are being straightened in the most discrete option available!
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Damon Braces

This is the perfect option for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and needs fewer visits to our office. This is also perfect for anyone who wants their braces off as soon as possible. Damon braces combine tried and true techniques with the latest advances to achieve fast and accurate results with a comfortable treatment experience.
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Digital Brace Placement

Nothing is more important than the initial placement of braces on the teeth. Dr. Bohman is able to digitally place braces and then transfer this digital placement to the patients teeth via a 3D printed tray. Not only can this shorten the visit where braces are places but it can shorten the length of treatment!
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Clear Braces

Clear braces use the same method as traditional braces but the brackets are made from a clear/tooth-colored ceramic material instead of metal. This option is great for anyone who does not want to wear traditional wire braces, such as adults. These discreet braces will offer the same reliable results as traditional metal braces and are appropriate for treating complex cases.
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Smile Protection Plan

Retainer wear is a lifetime commitment once orthodontic treatment is complete, ensuring your smile stays as beautiful in the future as it does the day you are done with treatment! Protect your investment by acquiring a protection plan that will cover a lifetime of up to four retainers per year! Whether your dog eats your retainers or you throw it away at lunch, we have you covered! How Smile Protection Plan works:
  • $680 one-time payment
  • Drop off the 3D print of your teeth and we take care of the rest
  • Add the savings – include the cost of making one retainer (upper and lower)
  • 4 retainers per year for 5 years!

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